Lower Your Expectations: Baby Sleep Routine

What are your expectations of yourself and baby when you’re pregnant, or every month after? Whatever they are, toss them out the window and expect less, and stop being so hard on yourself. The less pressure you put on yourself and your baby, the better you’ll cope with lack of sleep and life in general. … Continue reading Lower Your Expectations: Baby Sleep Routine

Breastfeeding Basics

You've just had your baby, Congrats! At this point, you've probably already decided whether you will breastfeed or bottle feed, or do a combo, or use formula. Your lactation consultant or nurses will encourage you to try latching your baby to your breast for the first time. With my second, it was easy. I knew … Continue reading Breastfeeding Basics

Mommy, What Did We Do Today?

"Mommy, what did we do today?" Well, Little Bear, you woke up extra early today and had breakfast with daddy because Teddy Bear and Mommy were up all night. Teddy Bear finally went back to sleep, so Mommy went back to bed to rest, but it didn't last long. When daddy left for work, Mommy … Continue reading Mommy, What Did We Do Today?

Why I Chose Young Living

Not all companies are the same and neither are their oils. Choosing the right company is key, and I wanted to share why I chose Young Living when I started learning more about essential oils. Young Living is the only essential oil company to own or partner with their farms, willing to live up to … Continue reading Why I Chose Young Living

Super C Supplement

Are you getting your Vitamin C? * our bodies don’t make it. * large % ppl deficient +++ what it does +++ - promotes healthy connective tissue - antioxidant (fights cellular corrosion) - promotes healthy immune system - promotes heart health -supports eyes +++ what if you’re deficient +++ - wrinkles - easily bruise - … Continue reading Super C Supplement

DIY Foaming Facewash 

I have to share this because it’s too good not to: I made my own foaming facewash/soap with camomile tea and essential oils. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever made 🍵😁 It’s kind of the same way I make my baby body wash.  What you need is Castile Soap, brewed tea of … Continue reading DIY Foaming Facewash 

My Dream Job

Reasons why Young Living is the dream job I never knew I wanted: •I’m a blessed stay-at-home mom, who wants to and can provide for my family in a company I trust, with products that bring wellness to our lives. •I can share my love for Young Living with my friends and family, helping them … Continue reading My Dream Job