Super C Supplement

Are you getting your Vitamin C?

* our bodies don’t make it.
* large % ppl deficient

+++ what it does +++

– promotes healthy connective tissue
– antioxidant (fights cellular corrosion)
– promotes healthy immune system
– promotes heart health
-supports eyes

+++ what if you’re deficient +++

– wrinkles
– easily bruise
– swollen/bleeding gums
– nose bleeds
– brittle/dry hair
– slow wound healing
– weight gain
– sick often
– pain in joints
– digestive issues

** related conditions **
– High BP
– gallbladder disease
– strike
– certain cancers
– atherosclerosis



Infused with essential oils making it more bio-available (simply : your body can use the vitamin instead of sending it straight to waste)

Taste: tart lemon – we love it!! Kids think it’s candy!

120 count – $28.75


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